A Full Spectrum of Landscaping Services

Albuquerque’s climate provides us with the wonderful opportunity to enjoy our unique landscaping throughout the majority of the year. At Aspen Leaf Landscaping, it is our mission to maximize that enjoyment opportunity by helping you create and maintain a landscape that is a complimentary extension of your home.

Whether your desire is to create a safe and enjoyable outdoor space for your children, have outdoor ‘living spaces’ amenable to relaxation and entertaining, colorful and low maintenance xeriscapes, or some combination of them all, we have the expertise to make it happen. Landscaping, well done, adds significant quality of life to homeowners and improves the overall value of the property.

Aspen Leaf Landscaping provides a full spectrum of landscaping services whether you’re a building a new home or wanting to update the landscaping in your existing home.

We also have experience with commercial property landscape construction and maintenance. As with our installation of residential landscapes we appreciate the impact and added value of a well designed, installed and maintained landscape in a commercial environment. Commercial property landscaping has a positive impact on customer’s perception and tenant’s satisfaction. Curb appeal goes up, traffic is encouraged, and tenants appreciate the professional and attractive look of the property.